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Our History

We were born in 1990 in Argentina under the name Laboratorio SCH. From the beginning we are dedicated to three axes: Assembly, Electronic Designs and Repairs.
At that time our main economic activity was the repair of electronics in general. We got to make more than 480 repairs per month for several years with almost 20 employees.
With the advent of the internet we adopted a shorter name SCHlabs to create our own website.
Around the year 2000 we decided to strengthen the designs and our own projects to support manufacturing.
In 2001 we started with international trade. We managed to make our first exports to Mexico and Spain.
After years of repairs we have a different point of view. We know how excited a customer is about a product. The best way to preserve ecology is not to generate waste, for this we make devices with a long life, without planned obsolescence, and we provide support and spare parts for a very, very long time.
Already in 2008 production (own and for third parties) was our exclusive economic activity.
In 2011 we began with international electronic commerce frequently with sales to more than 50 countries in the 5 continents and with a high percentage of sales to the US.
In 2012 we entered the world of surface mounting, which multiplied our production and allowed us to make more accessible products, reaching the mass public without neglecting all the clients who trusted us.
At the end of 2022 and we decided to open up to the world and strengthen ties with the European Community by moving operations to Spain with all our products, and new developments. We took advantage of the move to look for a new name that was easier to pronounce, easier to write, and with an international internet domain that we went from schlabs.com.ar to LudFed.com