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We have a team for the development of custom solutions with extensive experience in first-line companies, both national and international. Our knowledge of traditional and agile development processes allows us to adjust to the needs and demands of our clients in dynamic environments, guaranteeing the quality of our solutions.
Solving a problem is only part of our goal, we are interested in understanding your business and we are committed to growing your business.

Among the many projects we have worked on, we can mention the following:

Gipic: GPS module management and administration system for statistics
on the sport. The system showed in real time the statistics of the
polo players and horses, storing averages, sprints, speeds,
distances. You could also check past and present statistics
of the players and horses. The system was used by ESPN for its
television broadcasts. As the players are very jealous of their data the
system includes a login, where ESPN can see the data online, and
everyone's current match stats, but can't see past matches
no training. Players can view their own statistics
current, past and training. Team leaders can view data
of the players of his own team.

SCH Management: It is a system to manage the production of a factory in
electronic, to meet iso9000 traceability objectives (although the
company is not certified chose to work as if it were).
The system allows to generate production batches,
Allows you to trace by serial number where the production is
Know which operators worked in each process of the product
Failure level,
Calculate labor, material and loss costs
Requires the inputs
Stores historical purchases, their costs and suppliers,
Agenda for customers and suppliers balance of payments and collections
Billing (out of use today)
Bimonetary price list (Argentine Pesos and Dollars)
Dollar value update 1 time per hour.