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Engine temperature protector for cars

Code : TAU3

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Engine temperature protector for cars

This device is essential to save the engine live.
The overtemperature is the most frequent cause of destroy car engines.
The red Light or original indicator generally only advice after damage.
In the PLUS version also will check the oil pressure, and the charging voltage.

The TAU3 do not need open coolant circuit, only must touch the probe with engine.
So easy to install as connect 12v (or 24v according model), ground, and touch of the probe.
The TAU3 is without doubt the TAU2 sucesor, with a complete redesign. Between the new features that we can enumerate we found:
-Reduced size, now with only 12mm (close 1/2 inch) of deep.
-Oled Screen, improve the contrast with the sun, and allow draw graphics elements.
-The buzzer is on the front for better sound
-Improved measurement
-More intuitive configuration menu
-Driver mode
-Test screen

Also can show an icon on screen when the fan is on, for a fast diagnostic.


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