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Sanitary Hot Water

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Status : Discontinued
This product is discontinued, if you need some like this, please contact us

Sanitary Hot Water

This control works with solar panel with the idea to save energy when heat a home or hotel
The main purpose es heat a water container. This container is locates is in the input of a boiler. In other words the water go to boiler, pre acconditioned and saving energy

The heat of water in the container can be used to heat the water of ambient climatization boiler
The final objetive is produce a big energy saving, based in the solar energy.

The water is heated in 3 different stages:
1) The water circulate between the panel and initial container. If and only if the panel can provide heat.
2) If the initial container have water with more temperature that ambient climatization water, a valve is opened for save energy in the boiler.
3) Optionally you can add a seccondary container of water, and growup the pre-heated water.

The device is in one sealed box for safety reason.


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