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Tubula Foot LED lamp

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Status : Discontinued
This product is discontinued, if you need some like this, please contact us

Tubula Foot LED lamp

This lamp win the “OSRAM HALOPIN 2004” prizes award, and was presented in the Lighting expo in Germany.

Originally was designed for Franco Ortolan designer with BI-PIN lamps, because this was a requsite os OSRAM company.

We have the honor to convert to LED technology this finest and delicated lighting device.

The conversion was done keeping the original concept, sizes, keep movility on high of head, without visibles cables more than central spiral cable, without external box or controls and touch sensing that turn on and regulate the light intensity.

Is composed by a cylindric body of acrylic, with stainless steel footer drawed with acid. The head also stainless steel is sustained by friction with the acrylic body, and the hight is regulated from outside with magnetic coupling without phisic connection. The screen is frosted glass.

The touch sensing have problems in bug surfaces, due a enviromental noise, so we need incorporate a new self-calibrating technogoly to filter spurious noises.
The tiny of cables demand use a swtiching DC-DC conversor.


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Foot LED lamp