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Electronic Assembly

Once a project advance, the calculations, the circuit, and the drawing are all ready to produce.
The electronic production process is usually called assembly.
Since 1992 we assemble printed circuit for third party companys.
Many companys (big or small) preffer focus in their own bussines, their customers
and their products, so preffer the outsourcing for the electronic assembles.

We can provide the PCB assembly, for prototypes, low or mediul scale.
You give to us the components and boards and we assemble the PCB for you.
If you want we also can manage the components buying, even if import is required.
And if the desire is miniaturize or convert to SMD also we can do it.

Can mount conventional mounting (Thru Hole) and superficial mounting (SMT).
We have 2 pick & place machines of 6000 CPH (components per hour) each one, that allow to work
easy with 0805 and 0603 formats. Thans to the vission system that have one of machines we can work
with up 0402 and TQFP processors.
Normally we work the SMT by reffusion, with the 2 reflow ovens with controlled temperature.
We also does work with cement and wave.

The quantity can ve of 5 or more, but take care that the machine preparation is allways the same.
If the customer desire we can assemble not only the components in PCB, we can also mount the PCB on the box and
let all ready to the sell stage, including the device testing.

As we have experience in international commerce we can do the service for any company in the world.