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If you was redirected here is because you send or allow send spam or you have missconfigurated your mail server
We understand that nobody has the right to add an email in any database without the explicit autorization of mail owner.
For this reason our politic is block entire server AT THE FIRST spam, don't care if have unsuscribe links.

We have 4 block types: A) by IP, B) by ISP, C) by domain D)missconfigurated server
A)IP Block:
You need probe that when spam arrive the blocked IP was not yours

B)Block by ISP
Some ISP allow spam of differents ways, most common way is do not show on reverse DNS what type of connection haver their customers.
For example:

1) 222-222-222-222.BADisp.com
2) 222-222-222-222.adsl.ispGOOD.com

C)By domain:
To unlist one domain of our blacklist is required that probe that someone not authorized was using your email server to send spam

If your IP address appear listed in some of blacklist that we use, you must communicate directly with blacklist admin to be removed

E)Missconfigurated Server:
When some server is missconfigurated, the usual is that will be blocked all emails from this server.
This do not say that your server send SPAM, only say that your configuration is "like" a spammer config
This you can solve configuring correctly your server and without our intervention.
E.1)host not found (server not found)
In the companys whith more than 1 server is usual the next problem:
The server server2.example.com try to send a message. The first check of our server is test if "server2.example.com" exist. Many times exist mail.example.com but do not exist server2.example.com

E.2)Domain not found
Sometimes mail.example.com try to send an email coming from peter@sales.example.com and do not exist in the DNS records some called "sales.example.com". This missconfiguration is normally used by spammers so is completely forbidden.

E.3)Helo command rejected
Your server identified himself with a inexistent name, like for example: HAL,LIST,WEB etc, like the precedent case this domains do not exist

As brief all emails server must be registered into the DNS server, in this way and without our intervention, your emails will start to be delibered